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Stuck on what to do with your life? Here are 5 Career ideas for people who care about people

Stuck on what to do with your life? Here are 5 Career ideas for people who care about people

I get hit with inboxes on Facebook and my blog page weekly (yes weekly) asking for career advice with Nursing or just University questions in general so I thought well shit better just start blogging about that too. Not sure when I became a careers advisor but here I am. I am in the middle of my first placement next week which I am super nervous/excited/shitting myself about. I am in the Acute aged acre ward so I’m sure I will have something to share on my blog at the end of this week in terms of reflection or something I have learned who knows.

Anyway, I’ll get onto what you have clicked on my link for. I have compiled a list of 5 career ideas for people who really care about people or want to make a difference everyday. Usually people who naturally care about others will have traits such as: compassion, patience, self-awareness or selflessness and empathy. These careers will be hard and you will tend to have compassion fatigue but the rewarding nature tends to over compensate for these negative aspects (as there are negative aspects of all careers). These are not just for women, men are always needed in and tend to be very good at these kind of jobs. Usually the first thing people think is when they say they want to help people is “I want to be a Doctor” (no you fucking don’t) but here are careers that make a real difference and are often overlooked or even forgotten about.

1. Registered Nurse

Well we all knew this was going to top the list (not bias). Nursing is a career for people who really, really care about people so much that they are willing to physically wipe their asses and get vomited on (glamourous). As much as that sounds gross there are so many amazing aspects of being a nurse that are often overlooked. Due to there being so many career options you will never be bored of your job. Don’t want to work with babies anymore? That’s cool, work with the elderly in end of life care. Don’t want to work with the elderly anymore? Sweet, go into Emergency and work with whatever is thrown at you (car accidents, heart attacks or that person with a cut on their finger that for whatever god given reason needs assistance by a professional). You will literally never get bored of sitting on your ass as you will be standing up all day but you will be making a difference in the lives of others every singe day. Oh also, maths is a huge part of nursing but I’m so shit at maths and I do great in my university exams. Don’t forget that you will be working shift work and will have to work every public holiday, birthday and weekend as a beginner but the money is big on those days so it’s worth it! There are 3 multiple levels of nursing but the main 3 are: Assistants in Nursing, Enrolled Nurses (Enrolled Endorsed) and Registered Nurses. The difference between the 3 is the amount of study you undertake. An AIN only needs a Certificate III or IV in Healthcare Assistance or Aged care. An EN will need to do a Diploma of Nursing at TAFE which takes about 12 months to complete (longer if you are an Endorsed EN) and an RN does a 3 year Bachelor degree at University.

2. Social Worker

Social work is a career often overlooked or even forgotten about my so many. A social worker intervenes when children are in danger of neglect or abuse, help arrange adoptions, locate foster families, or work to get families back together. Clinical social workers also provide mental health care to help children and families cope with changes in their lives, such as divorce or other family problems. If you have thick skin (very thick skin) this would be an amazing and rewarding career for you. Organisational skills are a must for a Social worker as you will be dealing with tons of files and managing paperwork for each case. A Bachelor degree in Social Work is 4 years at university unlike the 3 years in the Nursing degree. Also, the average pay in Australia is seemingly lower (not that, that really matters as this is such a wonderful career).

3. Teacher/Special Needs Teacher

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers! Having the ability to be that first point of contact in educating the next generation for years to come would be something that is amazing to be apart of (patience is essential). I think it’s so important for everyone to remember that Special Needs Teachers are always needed (this job is so overlooked). Despite it being like any other teaching job, you have the ability to have one on one time with students and really be able to understand them and find ways that work best for their learning as an individual. As a teacher, you will be doing a lot of unpaid overtime and much of your classroom supplies will becoming out of your pocket (which can be claimed back on tax). Lot’s of time and energy outside of school will go into marking and lesson planning but you will also get school holidays off and start and finish work at the same time as the kids which makes time for you to spend time with your own kids. In order to become a Teacher you will need to do a 3-4 year degree at University. Different courses at different universities cater to each individual by subject and the type of Teacher you would like to be. The University of New England offers a course especially for Special Needs education.

4. Police Officer

People who truly care and want to protect their community are needed in this line of work more than anything as some people tend to use their power as a Police officer for evil. The time, energy and training that goes into being a Police Officer is often overlooked and under appreciated by the public. You don’t have to do a degree (although you can do a Bachelor of Policing) as there is a police academy where you stay for a few weeks and train as well as do a course. There is a lot of physical fitness involved and the focus of this career would be on protecting people and property, Patrolling, responding to calls, enforcing laws and occasionally having to testify in court cases. I saw on a tv show the other week that an officer was called out to a woman on the end of a bridge threatening to commit suicide. There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into being a cop and it’s a thankless job but such a special one too. Like Nurses, you will also have to do shift work but there are also the government benefits that go along with this line of work too. There are many opportunities for promotions and different fields to go into as well as management and detective positions if that interests you.

5. Counsellor

Now last but not least, if enjoy giving your friends advice and tend to really empathise with people who are going through a hard time this would be an excellent career for you. A counsellor offers guidance to individuals, couples, families and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. Differing to Psychology, a Counsellor doesn’t focus on a diagnosis for the clients “problems” that they are discussing but tend to assist people as they are someone to talk to who is outside of the situation and doesn’t bring emotional feelings into ways to deal with such. You don’t even need to go to university in order to pursue this career! You can start by doing a Diploma in Counselling at TAFE which is usually 12 months. You can work as an online Counsellor, in a medical practice or in schools and workplaces.

In a job such as the above you will able to wake up every single day of your life and know that you are going to be able to help someone and impact on them positively. This is something that I am already experiencing at placement and it makes the shitty things (like actual shit) about the job so worth it. Hopefully this post gave an idea into each career with the small bit of knowledge about most of them that I have lmao. You are capable of anything and everything if you tell yourself that you can do it. Progression and growth comes from within and without having that drive, nothing will be achieved. I missed writing so much and despite my life being so busy and crazy I will always find time to ensure that I am not neglecting my blog. Thanks for reading angels.

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