Splendour in the Grass 2017

Splendour in the Grass 2017

I’m back! Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to post last week, my lack of time management skills (combined with a chronic hangover) have really gotten the best of me yet again but I have finally made time to write. So as everyone who has me on social media knows I attended Splendour in the Grass (which is a music festival for anyone who doesn’t know), now I’m settling back into reality I have had some time to reflect on the festival in which I literally had the craziest weekend of my life and have decided I’m retiring from alcohol for like a month to recover fully starting now (I drank Saturday night oops) but I’m officially retired as of now because I’m honestly dead. I’m not a huge festival person and even after being over 18 for a year and a half this was my first festival where I was able to drink (lmao I’m so lame). My best friend and I decided to go after seeing the line up which was frickin amazing. Knowing it was just going to be us two (good but not as fun) and weighing up all our options, we decided on booking a Contiki up to Byron Bay. I’ll be talking a bit about my time at splendy as well as giving “Splendour virgin” tips for people who are keen on going next year and haven’t yet attended (just some stuff I wish I has known etc).

Now I know you’re probably like Contiki? To Byron Bay? But you live in Sydney? Seriously though, the Contiki was the best thing in our situation and making friends when we got there made our time even more amazing so I 10/10 recommend if you’re going with just 2 people. The price ended up being like $500 cheaper and they handled our travel to and from the festival, free brekky every morning, free charging stations like 30 seconds from our tent as well as the tent is located 30 seconds from the entry to the festival. We had our tent all set up when we got there and free travel into Byron Bay and back which is usually $10 each way.

Night 1

It was a 4 am start on Thursday we got up and the best mum ever (aka my mum) drove us to the city to start our long, 10-hour bus trip to Byron Bay. We met our mates by fate of course. Following 2 of them because we all had no idea where the heck to go and then having our other mate drop his ticket and returning it to him (meaning we are now friends forevs). The trip consisted of watching a movie, sleeping and having a mini tour of like 4 maccas up the east coast (yeah I ate at every, single one of them lmao). Finally arriving at Bryon at 6pm we got into our tent in which we had no idea that it would be -72 degrees every night so we joined our cots together. Put up our little flag so that we’d easily find our tent drunk (just wait till you see this flag omg, the photos are at the end). Thinking we’d have a night in (we were badly mistaking after meeting our crazy bunch of friends), we ended up drinking like 8 vodka red bulls at the festival with our new found friends and stumbling back to the tent at 1 am.

Day 1

So day 1 consisted of being drunk by 11.30am after all 6 of us getting through 7 bottles of wine and of course one of my mates doing a shoey (are you really drinking in Australia if one of you doesn’t do a shoey?). The line up on Friday was the most lit and I was so keen omg, I actually can’t explain. I’m talking Vance Joy, Peking Duk, RL Grime, Lil Yachty, San Cisco, Haim, Vera Blue- the list goes on. Everyone was amazing but Peking Duk was a huge standout, I loved them.

*Splendour virgin tip*

We were so lucky that our tents were just outside the festival because it got so cold at night and we were able to change into warmer clothes as the winter weather is weird as shit up there honestly. It’s actually hot during the day and then it gets to the point where you are border lining hypothermia at night (we learnt that early on) so if you are thinking of going next year either have a jacket on you during the day or make sure your tent is easily accessible so you can put some pants on at night.

Day 2

Day 2, which felt like day 32 due to lack of sleep yet again.

*Splendour virgin tip*

YOU WILL NOT SLEEP IN THAT TENT UNLESS YOU BRING 35 BLANKETS AND A BLOW-UP MATRESS SO JUST BE AWARE. I can’t explain how cold it is. We even bought $50 merch blankets to try to help with the cold but honestly, it wasn’t much better. Also layer up your clothes too, it helps slightly lmao.

We went into Byron Bay early because we weren’t really too interested in any of the acts on during the day. Byron Bay is absolutely gorgeous (for anyone that has never been I add some photos below). I’d love to go again and take some time to just explore because they have the best shopping complex right on the ocean but tbh we just wanted to get drunk and try to have a good feed as there is just shitty fast food tents within the festival. We went to a pub right on the water and just got drunk by 11 am again (don’t expect to be a sober sally when you go to Byron unless that’s just you as a person) but it was amazing to try to eat (we were all unsuccessful).

 *Splendour virgin tip*

You will probably not eat for like 5 days so be prepared and fill up on shit loads of maccas on your way there because I cannot eat when I drink (idk some people can) but we all struggled BIG TIME, even with amazing pub schnitty’s in front of us.

Now being drunk me I lost my mates on Saturday night and ended up meeting up with some old friends from Perth which was super fun after not seeing them in 4 years. I found myself at the Catfish and the Bottlemen set which I thought I would hate them so much (I always roasted a friend at work for listening to them, sorry James if you see this) but THEY WERE AMAZING LIVE HOLYYYYY. I am actually obsessed with them and I can’t stop listening to them.

Day 3

I’m so not the outdoorsy type so day 3 was starting to feel a lil like day 94 and I was a contestant on survivor or some shit. We actually hadn’t showered since Wednesday night and it’s now Sunday (disgusting I know, but we used body wipes instead which kinda counts).

*Splendour virgin tip*

If you wanna shower and you camp, be prepared to wait in a 3-hour long line of other hungover people that also want to have a shower. You will have to wear thongs and get changed fully into your outfit whilst in the tiny shower room thingy so yeah it’s more common to use those wipe things than you think. Also, you will be brushing your teeth with bottled water and toothpaste yay the real camping experience, with all your neighbours watching and doing the same thing.

It was the last day so our lil Contiki fam knew we needed to go hard that day and were all blind drunk as of 12 pm this time (took us a lil longer due to being dead from the last 3 days). I was genuinely surprised that the drinks were ranging from $10.50-$11 so it was just like any stupid expensive club price which isn’t too bad. We made our way up to the amphitheatre (which was amazing btw, I wish I had a good photo. None I have does it justice sadly) because I refused to miss Schoolboy Q. Drunk me (yet again) pushed myself into the mosh pit and HE WAS SO FUCKING LIT LIKE I ACTUALLY CANT EXPLAIN IT. He was the highlight set of the whole trip (I’m a huge RnB/hip hop fan so this was just the best thing ever for me). I was super hyped and was happy to end my trip on a high.

*Splendour virgin tip*

Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on drinks, food etc even bring a bit extra then you will need because you don’t want to be running out. I spent less than I thought I would because I hardly ate but if you are a foodie you’ll have a ball. Also, the alcohol tents turn into like mini clubs during the night and they can be a heap of fun so extra money never helps if you want to kick on (they close at 2 am).

Overall, I don’t think the trip would have been half as good if we didn’t do it with Contiki. If you are going with a big group of mates you will have a great time but just having 4 extra people to hang out with us all day, every day made it extra fun (as much as we are fun by ourselves). I always hear people get back from Contiki’s and seem to make really good friends and I was skeptical but seriously we met the coolest group of people (shout out to my Contiki fam, love U guys). The whole festival vibe, in general, was chilled, no one gave a fuck what anyone wore or how drunk you were. Everyone just wanted to get drunk and vibe out to every set. If the Splendour lineup is any good next year I might consider going again (defs going to bring my bf though, 5 days away from him was too long) now I know more about it but as I explained I’m not a huge festival person. The experience was unreal and something I will honestly treasure forever. BTW, they had a huge blow up happy Kanye which was actually the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Be sure to check out my Best friends lil vlog (I’ll link it) she made about our Splendour trip. We got so much less footage than we expected to get but we just had the best time and forgot to film oops forgive us.


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