Bondi Sands Self-Tan Eraser- Product of the Gods or a waste of money?

Bondi Sands Self-Tan Eraser- Product of the Gods or a waste of money?

Okay hey, so before I start the review I need to rant/vent (explain?) or whatever you want to call it. As you all know I’m still really new to the whole blogging world and tbh I probably should have done some more research before jumping into this but here I am. I have just discovered that my blog categorises under a “personal blog” which I guess is true (I mean I talk a whole lot about myself on here) but I just wanted to clarify that I don’t want to be pigeon holed into a personal blog because I kind of want to talk about my lifestyle and everything in between too. To any of my fellow bloggers that are confused if you wanted to get technical, I guess I am a mix of a personal/lifestyle blog (sorry ya girl is a bit dumb and doesn’t know this stuff). Now that’s out of the way, attention all my fake tan lovers (girls/guys/whoever), keep reading if you would like to hear what my over opinionated ass thinks of the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser.

When this product launched let’s just say I legit screamed and maybe even jumped up and down too. YES finally, something to get rid of my old tan so I can apply a beautiful fresh one without doing weird, voodoo shit like putting lemon in the bath and what not. I am a huge fake tan lover/user/enthusiast seriously. I used to be so olive as a child and after being a Vegetarian for a year I am so white (probs border line anemic too). I am also lucky that I don’t actually go patchy when my tan is fading. Besides that, I actually had really high expectations for this product before I used it, idk why. Bondi Sands is my favourite brand of tan and all their other products are amazing so this should be too right? (wrong). I was so disappointed, I actually hate to say that (why did you play me like this Bondi Sands). Just to clear this up I did have a Bondi Sands tan on so it’s not like I tried this on some random tan with a different formula and whatever. I read and re-read the instructions so I knew what I was doing and then I started applying the product as directed right before my shower. You’re meant to leave it on for 5 mins. So here I am applying, having a good old time. Almost instantly I can see the tan coming off as I apply like the white foam was beginning to turn greenish and I was like omg yes this is amazing so I applied about 5 or 6 coats just to see how I went. Fast forward 5 mins and I am in the shower scrubbing as the instructions say and NOTHING FUCKING CAME OFF. I legit scrubbed for about 15 minutes, at first gently then like so hard and all it did was leave marks in the tan with hardly any difference to the colour change. I wish I took photos (rookie review error) but now I am sitting here in a professionally done fake tan.

I rate this product a 1/5, I mean at least they tried I guess? I have heard people have had better experiences and swear on it but it did fuck all for me so yeah just my opinion, still a Bondi Sands girl forever lmao. Hope this was super helpful if you are in limbo about buying it or whatever. I will be back writing again as of next Monday because for the rest of the week I will be at Splendour in the Grass with my Best Friend. Also, we will (finally) be collaborating a little Travel vlog/blog post when we get back so stay tuned- we are so excited about it!

Update: This review is based solely on the instructions on the back of the bottle. I have been told that it works perfectly when you use an exfoliator however, the instructions don’t say that.

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