I am so excited to finally publish my new self-hosted blog (literally internally screaming as I type this). When I decided to start a blog nearly 2 months ago I had no fuckin idea what the heck I was doing. I made a little site, with some random theme, a DIY logo and I began posting. In the last month and a half, I have done more research- networked and asked so many questions on Facebook and in online forums. I didn’t expect the positive feedback I received from friends, family and even other bloggers about my writing. I feel as though I have grown as a blogger already and this is only just the beginning !

My self-hosted site is made through site ground . The team was so helpful with getting my site up and running. They have a free 24-hour chat service which was my saving grace today as I am super sick in bed (flipping between lectures and blog posts). I am now able to freely customise my blog as well as (in future) generate an income from hosting advertisements on or collaborating with brands, other bloggers etc. I feel as though this is the best step for me considering I put so much time and energy into every single one of my posts.

I also have a Bloglovin account that I am super stoked about. With Bloglovin all you guys who follow me on insta/facebook/twitter can now access my blog posts freely on the app on your phone which is super easy to navigate. You will also get post notifications each time I post making it easier to keep track of. There are thousands of other blogs just like mine that you can follow and all keep in the one place. I will drop the link to my Bloglovin account below (FOLLOW ME).

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Although I am so excited about the changeover it’s a little bittersweet. The process eliminated all my previous followers (crying), comments, likes, and posts. However, I was able to transfer all my posts over as new so feel free to browse through the brand new site as all my old posts are good as new (comment, like, whatever). I am so glad I decided to do this now rather than later, sad to say goodbye to the site that started all of this thus far but cannot wait to see whats in store. I have finally started to find my niche and have categorised some (you will see when you visit the website). I will still be posting freely about whatever including all my personal stories etc but this is way easier for you all to read. My Facebook page is a bit of a nightmare atm because of the swap over so none of my old blog posts are able to be viewed on there but I will be uploading them promptly (sorry to my facebook followers in advance). I will be beginning an initiative on my blog really soon that I will talk more about within the next couple of weeks. I would have never imagined just after only 7 weeks of blogging I’d already be here. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and read my posts every week hopefully, you enjoy the new site and any feedback you have via email/fb/insta will be greatly appreciated and also a big thanks to Kotryna Bass, for all the extremely helpful advice and installation of a new theme. Here’s to new beginnings !


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