How to use Microsoft Excel to instantly boost your productivity

Hello, my cuties! I apologise for ghosting everyone the last couple of weeks as I took a well needed social media break. Being a blogger, social media literally consumes my life (also I’m a nosey bitch and love to see what everyone is doing with their lives). I was paying too much attention to my phone and less attention to myself and my family. Just deleting the apps off my phone for a week gave me some well-deserved me-time to regroup and focus solely on uni. There is nothing wrong with taking some time away from the internet although I missed my blog a lot lmao (loser). I am back now and feeling as refreshed as ever so to celebrate my freshness I’m going to show you how I manage my time with uni, work, blogging, my attempt to be fit, me-time and of course my social life. This is my first “how-to” blog post so hopefully, it’s easy to follow!

I know I have previously said that I am shit at managing my time (lmao I sorta am) but I am actually pretty good at ORGANISING my time (If I do say so myself). Time management and organisation go hand in hand and when you plan what you are going to do next you are highly likely to be more productive. I am no time management genius or anything but this is a really good way to attempt to stay on track and I find it works well for me. This can be used for a weekly schedule, budget organiser, meal planner, workout planner, study schedule and pretty much any other schedule your heart desires (I use it for pretty much all of the above). All you will need is Microsoft Excel and your phone calendar. I’ll explain this step by step for my slow friends (like me).


  1. Picking a template

Upon opening excel there will be a bunch of templates to choose from (I use nearly all of them) but today I am just going to touch on the “Daily Schedule” template that I use to plan my week(s). Start with a double click on it.




  1. Customization

Once you have clicked on the file it will look a like this (you’re probably thinking what the actual fuck do I do now) but it’s honestly so much easier than you think. Press “Page Layout” tab which is third from the left in the top left-hand corner.



The different themes will pop up once you have clicked on “Themes”, there is a colours and fonts tab next to it if you wanted to get even more creative (if it’s not aesthetically pleasing then what is the point right?).



3. Organising the cells

Each little box is referred to as a “cell”. You will see this come up regularly when using Excel. Using the template makes it so much easier for people who are not as good with using Excel as you already have everything you need right there. The document consists of rows and columns of cells. Each cell you click on you will be able to type in as well as extend the width of the column.



I usually start with waking up as that ultimately starts my day. I also find that adding travel time into the schedule actually, helps to give a sense of how long everything will actually take etc. My work roster changes each week-  I put in an approximate of what my roster would look like so I am not having to change my schedule all the time due to being a lazy bitch and having a shit printer.



I also include time out for free time (social media lmao) as well as blogging and appropriate study times for each of my units (as seen below). Once you have completed filling out all the cells it should look something like the bottom photo! PRINT IT and then continue with the last step.



4. Using your phone calendar

Now I know everyone doesn’t have an iPhone so due to this, I won’t use pictures to explain how to add events. I’m sure everyone knows how to use your own phone calendar (if you don’t I’m a bit concerned for you hun). Literally you will just add your daily planner made by Excel into your calendar each as an event, ensuring that you have an alarm to remind you on whats going on when and then TADAAAA you have finally made the step to organising your life and watch how much more productive you are within the first day of using this method !! Hopefully, this was helpful enough and now you know how easy Excel is to use if my dumb ass can use it. I am trying to stay on top of my posting as per my daily planner lmao and I am working on something that I have wanted to share for a long time. I will be posting that as mental health awareness month approaches (hint hint).

I am trying to stay on top of my posting as per my daily planner lmao and I am working on something that I have wanted to share for a loooong time. I will be posting that as mental health awareness month approaches (hint hint).

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